Social Media: Time Waster and Mental Health Destroyer

A smart, curious person on a site like this is like walking a dog into a vet without a leash: they’re going to sniff someone’s ass and possibly start a fight and there’s nothing you or the dog can do about it because it’s the nature of the beast.

3rd Anniversary of first Death Derby playtest

Today marks three years since the first Death Derby playtest with Aric and Summer. Summer won and asked to renamed the vehicle she won with The Wombat. I don’t remember what that vehicle was originally called. Death Derby on The Game Crafter: Buy it or download the rules PDF on The Game Crafter: […]

Death Derby tutorial video

The first tutorial race for my game Death Derby: A Post-apocalyptic Card Game is complete. Now I’ll be doing a second, because this was a test run to learn some things.Youtube: Death Derby: A Post-apocalyptic Card GameWin the race. Kill your opponent. Whatever works.Available on The Game Crafter: on Amazon:

Politism: A New ‘ism

I wasn’t going to write this, but then, of course, I seen something so ridiculous and related to the subject that I just had to. Much in the same way that Jim Carrey’s horrendous picture prompted me to write a few words on another distasteful subject. I’ll return to the thing that convinced me this […]