My 2020 Overview & 2021 To Do List

2020 was some year. 2021 is shaping up to be along the same lines, but more orderly (for me), even if not for many other people. The beginning of the year was spent in limbo with jobs in turmoil and the remainder was spent working OT, making arguments for hazard pay while repeatedly getting sick with everyone around me (but no worries since the tests were always negative, right? lmfao), and arguing with ‘patriots’ in my family that think being a patriot involves shooting other citizens. Between all that, I got many things done.

The projects that I completed in 2020 mostly have to do with my card game Death Derby. Death Derby titles completed: The Armory Expansion, High Octane Expansion, Militia and Biker Gang theme decks, and the 2-Player Sample deck. Other completed projects were R-Naught (a pandemic inspired card game) and the third Ott and Ren novella, Kingdom of Denver. All of my titles are listed on this page:

My 2021 to do list looks like this: write Brute Squad (An Ott and Ren short story that will be featured in the collection Road to Denver that sets the stage for their future adventures), finish testing Serial Killer Pursuit (a 1-4 player card game in which you play a Police Department racing the FBI to catch suspects before they disappear, designed with my playtester and camera man Matthew Frazier), start and possibly finish Dead Bodies Everywhere (the second novella in The Hunt storyline), continue testing the 2nd edition of my RPG, produce two more themed decks for Death Derby (Barnyard and Natural Forces), and produce more essays and other content like short story readings (which means less/no Quora). I’ll also be doing more promotional stuff and, of course, working my 40+ a week job.

For those that mentioned it, here is a Paypal link for tips/donations.

Maybe your 2021 be better than 2020 and thank you for reading.

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Jeremiah Donaldson is a writer and game designer from Ky.