Social Media: Time Waster and Mental Health Destroyer

I never had a Myspace account because I recognized that long ago that there were inherent issues with anything like this. That’s because it’s social engineering masquerading as ‘social media’. Perhaps it even started off as something innocent, but it’s became a time and sanity vampire. Yeah, it’s great because you meet people you’d never have met before, but it’s also terrible because at least half those people are so toxic they leave holes in the floor behind them as they walk. It’s also a massive time waste and distraction.

A smart, curious person on a site like this is like walking a dog into a vet without a leash: they’re going to sniff someone’s ass and possibly start a fight and there’s nothing you or the dog can do about it because it’s the nature of the beast. Do you smack the dog for doing it? yourself for not stopping it? or do you recognize that the less the dog is there the less of a problem it is? I like to get to the bare basics and fix things from the ground up. The bare basics are that Facebook serves no useful purpose to me except as a messaging service and distracts the hell out of me. And there’s no reason for the distraction because there’s a dozen other ways to contact me. It’s also nearly useless for advertisement.

Yeah, you can get likes. All kinds of likes. But do you think they translate into profit? No. Why, I don’t know, but I have some suspicions: 1. A great number of FB accounts are fake. 2. FB is clearly bias against conservatives and anyone else not on the sinking Liberal boat, and I expect that would extend to ads also. 3. Conservatives and non-Liberals have been jumping ship from FB and a cross section of a FB crowd no longer represents the same cross section you’d get by pulling a group of the same number off the street and therefore doesn’t have the same buying power. 4. Too many have been affected by the political wrangling inflicted by pathetic politicians that don’t know enough psychology to know how bad they’re fucking people up, which knocks people off their game, changing their behaviors.

As of now, FB is essentially on probation. 90% of the feeds that made it through the last purge have been cut, and the last purge cut 90% of the feeds at that time. That is why the majority of my political posts stopped months ago: there’s nothing to comment on if you don’t see it and that rule can be applied to anything and anyone. So basically, FB is now knocked down to only those people I like, which means only to people, and we’ll see if that changes things enough so that I don’t ditch it completely at the turn of the new year.

I won’t get into other issues I believe social media causes, such as neurosis, anxiety, depression, political dissidence, normalization of evil such as pedophilia, normalization of fantastical delusions of being things people aren’t and can never be, and the normalization and promotion of victim mentality just to name a few of the worst, except to say I’ve barely touched the tip of the iceberg.

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Jeremiah Donaldson is a writer and game designer from Ky.

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