New releases and updates

I worked to get some things done before the Thanksgiving holiday, including three releases and major inventory/website updates. New releases include the second Ott & Ren novella ‘Crevice’ (, the first Death Derby expansion ‘Nature’s Rage’ (, a new short story ‘Highlelujah’ (

A new short story, ‘A Whisper in the Air’ was added to my reprint collection ‘Whatever’ (, and ‘Aftermath’ and ‘Ruination’ have been discontinued and ‘Plague: Vestiges’ ( created from Ginny Bowman and Jenner Michaud’s stories that were in them. This update to the ‘Plague’ books completes the update that was started a few months ago when all of my own material was combined into ‘Plague: Moss and John’ ( and ‘Plague: 10th Anniversary’ has been discontinued. My website has been updated to reflect the title changes. Remember to log out and log back into your Kindle reader for the latest updates to books in your library.

Have a great holiday!

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Jeremiah Donaldson is a writer and game designer from Ky.

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