Plague: Moss and John

I’ve completed the last thing I wanted to do with these stories: combine them into one book. I wasn’t sure about doing so at first, since there’s such a style difference between the novel and short stories, but decided to in favor of cleaning up my inventory sometime in the next couple years by discontinuing Aftermath and Ruination.

Plague: Moss and John is available on Kindle and in paperback.

An unseen traveler lurked within flight 308 to Paris, France. A traveler that infected everyone aboard and raced across the world while those in charge of its containment denied the real danger. Few escaped the carnage, fewer left any record. Moss Valley was one of them.

Contains:Plague, John’s Story, and Escape

Social Media is Poison

This blog is being created for one purpose and one purpose only: to post roughly the same stuff that is posted to the Ephiroll Productions FB page to get a secondary foundation in place that isn’t based around anything provided by FB or Google. It’s also become clear to me in the infinite intelligence shown in their strategy that social media will only get worse due to FB changing their terms to allow threats against ‘dangerous’ people. Of course, there’s no definition of what ‘dangerous’ means, so they’ve left it open to their willy-nilly decision making. In the long term, this will be what turns FB into the next Myspace if not reversed, because people can really suck online at times, and they don’t need to be given motivation to be worse, which is what’s been done at a corporate level.